Affiliate World Dubai 2024 was held on 28-29 February, bringing together over 6,000 industry leaders, affiliates, and marketing professionals.

Affiliate World Dubai 2024 Recap

Affiliate World Dubai 2024 was a premier affiliate marketing event that brought together over 6,000 industry leaders, affiliates, and marketing professionals. The event was packed with learning, networking, and business opportunities, setting the pace for improving performance and increasing profit potential.

Affiliate World Dubai 2024 was held on 28-29 February in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It provided a roadmap to richness by uncovering the art of advertising, search engine optimization, and result tracking.

There was also a premier Gala Dinner to celebrate outstanding achievements in the affiliate industry. so, if you missed Affiliate World Dubai 2024, here are the key talking points from the affiliate marketing event.

What Is Affiliate World Dubai?

Affiliate World Dubai is where the affiliate marketing elite rendezvous to swap secrets, shake the digital industry, and party like it’s 2099—but with more ROI and less neon (unless you’re into that). Think of it as the Glastonbury for growth hackers, minus the mud, and with abundant actionable insights.

Held in glamorous locales from Dubai to distant shores, this Affiliate World Dubai conference is a melting pot of keynote speeches that could double as TED Talks. These panels feel like brainstorming sessions with the Avengers of eCommerce and networking events where you’ll meet your next business crush. It’s the ultimate playground for those who dream of conversion rates and wakes up to click-throughs.

Affiliate World Dubai in Numbers:

  • Attendees: 5500+
  • Speakers: 35+
  • Countries: 110+
  • Advertisers: 120+
  • Traffic Sources: 40+
  • Affiliate Networks: 170+

Topics Covered at the Affiliate World Dubai 2024

The Affiliate World Conference in Dubai covered a wide range of topics across various tracks, providing attendees with insights into the latest trends, strategies, and technologies in affiliate marketing and eCommerce. The covered topics were:

Meta Ads Track

The Meta ads track panel comprised Marisha Lakhiani (Mind Valley), Leonardo Caracas (Jump Ventures), Marcello Perazzani (LeadX-Pro), Marin Istvanic (Inspire), Aaron Paul (Paul Street), Andrew Silverstein (SolaWave), Juhi Pikale (Fabletics), and Van Oakes (Goat Media). Together, they covered the following meta ads topics:

  • 5 hacks to 5x your ROAS using AI and Automation
  • Building a content machine: Key metrics for DTC success (insights from coaching 100+ brands)
  • Straight scale campaigns: FB framework to get consistent ROI throughout 2024
  • 5 Facebook ad strategies we have used to scale an Ecom brand to $18m within 2 years
  • The paid media strategies that drove over $1billion in yearly sales on Meta

Google Ads Track

The learning keynotes on the Google ads track were:

  • How to hire talent and utilize Artificial Intelligence to mass produce VSLs that convert on Facebook and YouTube today
  • The 14 breakthrough traits of million-dollar marketing operations
  • Taking a bootstrapped Ecom brand from 0 to 8-figures in a saturated market in less than 2 years
  • Affiliates vs. Google: The ultimate showdown in digital marketing

The speakers who led these discussions included Alex Micol (SCALERS), Amin Siala (Google), Arian Ghotbi (Cyrus Digital), Shahzeb Feroz (Google), Swikrit Malik (Adceptive

Native Ads Track

A panel discussing native ads and how to adapt to market shifts in 2024 focused on the following:

  • Recommendations for successful native campaigns.
  • The main verticals for advertisers just starting out with the native advertising channel.
  • How native ads can be game-changing for media buyers aiming to hit high ROI goals.
  • Tips on how to properly set up native campaigns on platforms such as Outbrain.
  • How native stacks up against Google (YouTube) and Meta (Facebook).
  • Overview of the marketing funnel and recommended processes around creatives for native ads.

Chris Weare moderated the native ads track panel, which featured Giuseppe Buscema and Berk Cakar (Maverick Media), Nadim Kuttab (XEVIO), Jon Lender (Secco Squared), and Andrey Kravchenko (Xevio and Native Hub).

TikTok Track

Mirella Crespi (Creative Milkshake), Tyler Stephens &Cosy Iverson (VisCap), Kris Sugatan (Sugatan), Major Benaim (Wolf Marketing), Ali Moon (DigiTechIO LLC), and Viktor Vallo (New Money Worldwide) led discussions on TikTok track. They provided insightful information on:

  • Mastering creative strategy: Crafting TikTok ads that actually convert
  • Less testing, more winning: How to boost your ad hit rate to 50% using tested and proven models
  • From 0 to viral: The step-by-step guide to crafting viral ads and organic content with AI in 2024
  • TikTok affiliate scaling secrets: Advanced creative and campaign strategies to hit $50k/day
  • The TikTok ad revolution: Building blockbuster campaigns on a budget

SEO Track

The team covering the search engine optimization (SEO) track included Dennis Yu (Your Content Factory), Kasra Dash (Searcharoo), Carrie Rose (Rise at Seven), Craig Campbell, and Anastasiia Voloshyna (Pin-Up Partners). They focused on:

  • Jaw-dropping SEO: The lighthouse method that’s better than black hat
  • Cracking the SEO code: Building 7-figure affiliate crypto sites with zero ad spend
  • Catapult your affiliate traffic: Unleashing PR powers, Kardashian-style, for 10x growth
  • AI-powered SEO: Transforming affiliate sites into £5m powerhouses
  • The SEO minefield: Winning strategies for high-risk and restricted verticals

Affiliate Marketing

To spice up the conference, there were various affiliate marketing topics, discussed by industry experts. Some of the notable affiliate marketing topics that drew my attention included:

  • Affiliate marketing domination: Blueprint for a passive income digital empire
  • 10 Actionable steps to scale your E-commerce business to new heights
  • Cracking the code to millions with lead generation even with the new strict FCC regulations
  • Think big: How to build a million-dollar affiliate network in a year from scratch
  • The next wave of affiliate marketing: Overcoming challenges in 2024

Key speakers at this forum included Liss Graham (Graham List Management), Umar M (Digitas Finance), Matej Cechvala (Affiliate World), David Stodolak (Connection Holdings), and Mathew Milnes (Adfluential).

Affiliate World Dubai 2024 Award Winners

There’s prestige in winning an affiliate world forum award. That’s why the inaugural Affiliate World Dubai 2024 held an unforgettable Black Tie Gala Dinner to celebrate the success of thought leaders, pioneering affiliates, and companies. The winners of the 2024 Affiliate World Dubai were as follows:

  • Beat Affiliate Manager: Stefan Muehlbauer
  • Best Male Influencer: Attila Odri
  • Best Female Influencer: Mirella Crespi
  • Brand of the Year: Pin-Up Partners
  • Best Breakout Affiliate Network: Shinez
  • Best Breakout Traffic Source: RichAds
  • Best Affiliate Network: ClickDealer
  • Best Affiliate of the Year: Harnur Virk
  • Affiliate Hall of Fame Award: Maor Benaim
  • Best Affiliate Traffic Source: PropellerAds
  • People’s Choice: 1WIN Partners
  • Best Affiliate Speaker: Alex Micol
  • Best Nutra Affiliate: Ali Moon
  • Best iGaming Affiliate: Traffic Devils
  • Best Payment Solution: Digitas Cards
  • Best Affiliate Software Tool: Multilogin
  • Best Mobile Solution: Golden Goose
  • Best Smartlink Affiliate Program: Zeydoo
  • Best Tax or Legal Advisor: Digitas Finance
  • Best Affiliate Blog: Mobidea Academy
  • Best Crypto Affiliate Network: Algo Affiliates
  • Best Ecommerce Affiliate Network: SquareDance
  • Best Multi-Vertical Affiliate Network: ClickDealer
  • Best iGaming Affiliate Network: PIN-UP Partners
  • Best Lead Gen Affiliate Network: A4D
  • Best Finance Affiliate Network: Leadbit

Affiliate World Dubai 2024

Affiliate World Dubai 2024 was a premier affiliate marketing event that brought together over 6,000 industry leaders, affiliates, and marketing professionals. The event was held on 28-29 February in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was packed with learning, networking, and business opportunities, setting the pace for improving performance and increasing profit potential.

Affiliate World Dubai 2024:

  • Date: 28-29. February 2024
  • Location: Dubai, UAE

Book your ticket: Affiliate World Dubai 2024

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