The virtual Amplify Summit 2024 held on March 19 and 20 focused on affiliate marketing and emerging markets and trends across all verticals.

Affiverse Amplify Summit 2024 Recap

The Affiverse Amplify Summit is an event tailored for digital marketers looking to stay informed on the latest affiliate marketing trends across all verticals. Amplify Summit 2024 was held online on 19-20 March 2024.

More than 2,500 affiliates streamed this 2-day virtual learning summit that included a series of informed marketing debates. The panel discussion focused on new trends and expert-led thought leadership workshops designed to help affiliate businesses boost their performance.

If you missed the Affiverse Amplify Summit 2024, here are the key takeaways from the virtual event.

Amplifying Your Affiliate Business in 2024

The opening panel, which included James Courtney, LUX Rewards CEO, Richard Dennys, Game Lounge CEO, Laurie Cutts, Partnerships Manager at Everflow’s Agency, and Chris Pettit, Revving’s CEO, focused on how to amplify your affiliate business in 2024.

The panel insisted on the need to leverage modern financing to raise capital and manage affiliates. They also discussed the challenges brands are facing and underscored the importance of advertising agencies setting longer payment conditions.

Another item that the panel focused on was the performance of the industry and what affiliates can do to build effective long-term business partnerships. The talk included annual commissions, validation periods, and share percentages. 

Emerging Markets and Trends

The second panel focused on emerging markets and trends that could give businesses momentum in 2024. The speakers insisted that markets are diverse and unique based on geolocation, and companies should run ads that fit that audience to drive more sales.

From the discussions, it was clear that affiliate marketing has become mainstream worldwide. The moderators pointed out Asia, Africa, and South America as thriving entrepreneurship markets.

Gemma Boore, Senior Associate from Harris Hagan, insisted on three things when venturing into emerging markets. The points included understanding local customs, obtaining business licenses, and having your online advertising agents trained to fit your niche. For example, if you are running a sports betting campaign, you should consider using footballers or soccer aspects in your ad.

Future-Proofing Your Affiliate Strategy

The first panel of day two opened the platform with insightful discussions on how the iGaming sector can future-proof its affiliate strategies. The speakers included Petra Zackrisson, Better Collective’s SVP of Growth, Assaf Dor, Cellxpert’s CEO, Anastasiia Kaum, PIN-UP Partners’ Sales Team Lead, and Dmitry Belianin, CEO of

The team talked about emerging trends in affiliate marketing, such as Artificial Intelligence, automation, and influencer marketing. Another item discussed was consumer online behavior, which included how social media platforms like TikTok are shaping search patterns. Lastly, the panel mentioned the market dynamics and how AI is impacting content optimization.

Fraud and Compliance

The last panel of the virtual call focused on fraud and compliance. The key speakers, Anura’s CEO Rich Kahn, Jenny Gonzalez, Rocahead’s CEO, Red Star Owner Red Barrington, and Parul Bhargava, vCommission’s CEO, discussed types of fraud and how to identify and monitor them.

The major frauds highlighted in this discussion were human fraud (deals with filling out stolen information), cashback and voucher code fraud, and bots that bypass fraud assessment tools when playing games up to a certain level.

The closing remarks on this topic called for collaborative efforts between partners, networks, and affiliates as a formidable anti-fraud measure.


Amplify Summit 2024 was structured to include a multitude of learning sessions to meet the diverse needs of its audience. More than 2,500 affiliates streamed this 2-day virtual learning summit, gaining knowledge on how to amplify their affiliate businesses, emerging markets and trends, future-proofing affiliate strategies, and fraud and compliance.

Amplify Summit 2024

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