iGB Affiliate 2024 in London is an ideal opportunity to uncover the latest affiliate marketing practices and showcase your brand to affiliate partners.

iGB Affiliate London 2024– The Home for the iGaming Affiliate Community

iGB Affiliate is a global conference that brings over 6,500 participants from all over the world who contribute to the success of the iGaming affiliate community. Its success depends on brand reputation and personal interaction with affiliates.

At the iGB Affiliate 2024, held at ExCel London from 6-9 February, businesses had the opportunity to learn about the latest affiliate marketing practices. This included showcasing their brands to affiliate partners—the key people in online casino promotion.

If you missed this year’s iGB Affiliate London edition, you are not alone. We will discuss some key takeaways from the conference that promise to shape the affiliate marketing sector.

Key Takeaways from the iGB Affiliate London 2024

For the foreseeable future, this was the last time ICE and iGB Affiliate 2024 was held at ExCel London. From 2025, these iGaming affiliate marketing events are set for Barcelona, Spain.

With that said, here are key iGaming insights that industry experts discussed at the iGB Affiliate 2024:

Tracking and Quality Gives You a Competitive Edge

In a competitive market, affiliates are now favoring affiliate programs based on their quality and tracking capabilities. It is evident that robust and transparent tracking software are empowering affiliates to keep tabs on their customers.

Operators are now harmonizing data to meet the integrity demands of affiliates. This is proving to be a lasting solution in fortifying operator credibility and creating a trust between affiliates and tracking solutions providers.

At the iGB Affiliate London 2024, tracking systems operators underscored the importance of data integrity in giving affiliates a competitive advantage.

Personal Connections Reign Supreme

While affiliate marketing is taking the digital world by storm, we cannot overlook the power of personal connections. This was evident at the iGB Affiliate London 2024.

Personal interactions among affiliates, operators, and existing and potential clients remain paramount in creating trust and successful partnerships in an era of digital transactions.

A healthy blend of personal interactions, digital summits, and remote working is bridging the quality leads and successful referrals gap. This is shaping the future of iGaming, as parties are increasingly sharing the same narrative (binding business deals).

Keeping an Eye on Google SEO Dynamics

Another key takeaway from the iGB Affiliate London 2024 is the constantly changing online search industry. Google’s SEO algorithms are dynamic, and the only way to stay afloat is focusing on quality over quantity.

Speaking at the conference, Martin Calvert, Marketing Director at ICS-digital and its sister agency ICS-translate, advised iGaming affiliates to channel more resources to quality content and brand PR. Martin believes that content excellence (meeting searchers intent) is the only way to rank high on search engines in the face of SEO uncertainties.

Crypto is the New Vertical

Crypto gambling was another hot topic at the Ice and iGB London conferences. It is undeniable that crypto is becoming part of online casino and sports betting landscape. But this blockchain-based technology has its complications.

While crypto is advertising itself as a secure and faster payment method with high levels on privacy, the issue of regulation cannot be overlooked. Some operators raised concerns about verifying crypto users due to its anonymity feature.

Despite all these, crypto is a promising vertical that can positively impact the iGaming industry. Looking in the future, we can only wait to see what cryptocurrency gambling becomes.

Emerging iGaming Markets

As a rule of thumb, affiliate marketing conference is never complete without discussing emerging markets. At the iGB Affiliate 2024, Latin America was once again on the cards as a lucrative iGaming market.

The Latin America iGaming market is growing. Brazil has already legalized online casino and sports betting activities, and more countries in America are expected to follow suit. India and Canada were also discussed.

The experts also explored the potential of European markets that hold local licenses.

Why You Should Not Miss Affiliate iGaming Events

After the success of the iGB Affiliate 2024 held at ExCeL London, here are the key reasons why you should not miss affiliate marketing events:

Free Affiliate Passes

iGB Affiliate has the best interests of iGaming community at heart. It is dedicated to helping marketing affiliates connect and build long-lasting relationships through research and a range of products and services. This allows all participants capitalize on market opportunities to grow their business into international brands.

Networking Pass

Whether you are an established brand or getting started, iGB Affiliate accommodates everyone in the igaming industry. This event is the best opportunity to drive more quality traffic into your business.


iGB Affiliate has proven itself as an iGaming event that can boost player traffic of any business and arn them more profits. The event also gives you the chance to showcase your latest marketing strategy to a congregation of savvy digital affiliate marketers.

This is also a good opportunity to register for iGB Affiliate awards. This is a futuristic fantasy that brings together the worlds of cyberpunk and fairytale to celebrate the achievements and innovations of the igaming affiliate community over the past 12 months.

Final Thoughts

iGB Affiliate 2024 was held from 6-9 Feb at ExCel London. The event provided an ideal opportunity for business networking and content and thought leadership, the key ingredients for creating trust-based partnerships and business growth for the entire igaming affiliate ecosystem.

Th event boosted 6500+ iGaming Affiliates and Affiliate Professionals, 150+ Affiliate Network Programs and Tech Vendors, and 200+ Exhibitors. This was a live environment for the iGaming community to share skills and knowledge that can lead the industry into success.

IGB Affiliate

  • Date: 6-9 February
  • Location: ExCeL London

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