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Increase customer conversion rates with SMS marketing. Increasingly, brands are seeking to prove their SMS chops because that’s where the volume and the money are. With customers admittedly addicted to their phones, it’s no wonder that SMS has become a critical part of the marketing mix in the last few years. SMS has the greatest reach and open rates and should not be overlooked as a tool for conversational marketing. 

The Advantage of SMS Marketing

With SMS open rates reaching 98%, compared to typical email open rates of 20%, marketing text messages are much more likely to be seen. Besides the high open rates, SMS marketing has other advantages: 

  • instant delivery (and near-instant viewing) 
  • cost-effectiveness
  • high conversions and clickthrough rates 
  • quick and easy implementation and more.

Using SMS marketing in innovative ways is the way to ensure the delivery of time-sensitive information, or a way for efficient, effective marketing ROI and scale. Strategic SMS Marketing is used in many industries, e-commerce, travel and logistics, financial services, iGaming industry and more.

For brands, tapping into SMS marketing requires strategic planning and a unique approach. It’s important that you know your audience well and design the content, call to action and customer experience carefully, then test and refine your campaigns based on performance data and insights as you go.

Tips for Strategic SMS Marketing 

While a sloppy or poorly executed approach can be damaging, a thoughtful SMS strategy can yield big rewards, such as higher deliverability, greater engagement, improved retention and exponential revenue. SMS marketing is a powerful tool for businesses and below are some useful tips for improving your SMS Marketing:

1. Know your audience – It’s important that you know your audience well and design the content, call to action and customer experience carefully, then test and refine your campaigns based on performance data and insights as you go.

2. Quality Content – Make “engaging content”. If content is engaging to an audience, then it has a level of quality. When brands get it wrong, they risk the brand trust, negatively impacting customer loyalty and retention, and undermining overall customer experience. Brands today communicate across multiple channels and customers tend to see the company as a single entity. This means that a poor experience on a single channel can have a ripple effect that impacts brand perception as a whole.

3. A clear message – When it comes to SMS marketing, data shows that the biggest turn-offs include a constant barrage of messages; long, generic and “spammy” links that can’t be recognized or trusted; texts that encroach on weekend hours; annoying tone/language; and content that’s not relevant to the recipient. More than 60% of customers will immediately unsubscribe from SMS marketing that doesn’t have a clear message or purpose.

4.Timing – Timing is everything. Want customers to click a message? They need to be able to grasp what’s in it for them. Ultimately, you’re reaching out hoping they’ll act in a particular way. Making it clear what those benefits are for the consumer and providing a clear, fast line to receiving those benefits can decrease the amount of time it takes for customers to act in a way that also helps your business.

5. Keep it real – and relevant. Trust is important in all relationships, from personal ones to ones that customers forge with brands. Marketers need to honor the trust they’ve established with customers: leveraging data responsibly and effectively across all touchpoints to show customers they know them and care about their preferences and intent.

Strategic SMS Marketing Matters

With strategic SMS Marketing, better results are just a tap away. By following the above mentioned tips, your brand can improve its SMS game in a way that’s a win-win. And as users unlock their phones and come to trust the brand that sends them messages, both your company and customers can tap into a more valuable relationship.

Tapping into SMS provides brands the opportunity to meet customers where they are spending the most time. It’s the fastest and most logical way to interact with them. That’s why SMS is the marketing tool of the future. Keep customers’ interest by keeping text message copy simple and effective. Use language that creates connection, engagement and value and that reflects the brand’s voice across other channels, and you will get the benefits of SMS Marketing.

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